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Housing Options and Accommodation Pathways

As we start to age finding appropriate accommodation can become important. For many ageing Australians, they wish to remain living independently for as long as possible. Many are scared of moving into a Residential Care Facility and would like to stay in the community if they can. What some aren't aware of is that there are many steps between living in your own home and being in a nursing home.

There are many housing options available to ageing Australians and steps along the accommodation pathway. For some, downsizing to Retirement Living or Independent Living Units may be a suitable first time. For others, accessing Serviced Apartments may be helpful to received some additional service whilst still living in your own space. Supported Residential Facilities are a good option for some and Hospice Care is a particularly vital housing option available for end of life care. There are many fantastic care options available within Australia and knowing what options are available to you helps you access them in a timely and purposeful manner.

For more details tune into episode 8 of The Truth About Ageing podcast - available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or through the Podcast page on this website.

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