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Whether you're proactively planning ahead or currently find yourself in the middle of a crisis, I'd love to help you navigate the aged care services available to you. Leave the paperwork and admin to me, so that you can protect your time for more important things, like spending time with loved ones.



Comprehensive Aged Care Planning 


The service I wish every ageing Australian could have. I will sit down with you (and your loved ones if you wish), to discuss what your goals are as you age. For many, this is remaining at home and independent for as long as possible. As part of my comprehensive assessment I create an individualised plan and roadmap that identifies services available to you and trigger points as to when these would be utilised. This is proactive planning in action and sets up clients with the best chance possible of achieving their goals. 


  • Family meeting - in person or via Zoom

  • Care option advice including how and when to access

  • Individualised 'Aged Care Roadmap' that details the possible next steps on your aged care journey

  • Follow up support - for those curly Q's that you remember after meeting



My Aged Care Navigation


My Aged Care is the gateway to Commonwealth subsidised services and support for older people living in Australia. Initially establishing a profile with My Aged Care and seeking an assessment can feel overwhelming. I can assist you step by step to set yourself  up with My Aged Care and to provide you with guidance on how to request an Aged Care Assessment.


  • Family meeting - in person or via Zoom

  • Initial discussion re: individual needs and how to discuss with My Aged Care

  • Phone call to My Aged Care to request assessment

  • Follow up support - to provide guidance for how to approach Aged Care Assessment



Finding Home Care Providers


Finding the right service provider for your Home Care Package (HCP) or Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) can be challenging. If you are in need of assistance understanding how you can use your funding, the difference between providers, how the various fees work and which provider may be most suitable for you, then this service is for you.


  • Family meeting - in person or via Zoom

  • Assessment of current needs and potential services required within budget constraints

  • Analysis of available providers within your area including price comparisons

  • Contacting preferred providers to set up meetings

  • Follow up support - to answer any potential Q's that may arise after meeting with providers



Residential Aged Care Placement


This service is for those who require assistance seeking respite or permanent placement in a Residential Aged Care facility. Finding the right facility in a time of need can feel absolutely overwhelming. I can assist you to find available facilities, arrange tours, complete necessary paperwork and ensure you find somewhere that meets your individual needs.


  • Family meeting - in person or via Zoom

  • Assessment of current needs, preferences and locations

  • Contacting potential facilities and arranging tours of those with vacancies

  • Assistance completing paperwork

  • Follow up support - to ensure you are happy with chosen facility 

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Bespoke Coordination Packages


For this service I tailor a package to your individual needs. I partner with you along your aged care journey and ensure you have the support you need along the way. If you don't feel that any of the options above are quite what you're searching for, please let me know and I can discuss individualised options for you.


  • Care Coordination - someone to step in and arrange services so that you can spend quality time with your family

  • Advocacy - for those who may not have family nearby and require someone 'on the ground' that can advocate for them

  • Hospital Discharge Planning - coordinating appropriate care and support to safely return home

  • Rehabilitation Sourcing - contacting and liaising with potential rehab facilities suited to your individual needs

  • Palliative Care Planning - discussing potential options available to you and coordinating care providers to assist

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General Support Discussion


This is a free phone consult to discuss your individual needs and determine what the next steps might be for you. I'll ask numerous questions to understand your unique circumstance and what your immediate needs are. From here I can suggest potential actions for you to take or services that might be helpful.

If you would like to book a free 15 minute phone consult, please do so via the 'BOOK NOW' button below. 

Alternatively, you can complete the contact form and I'll give you a call.


Let's Work Together

Wherever you're at in your aged care journey, I'd love to sit down and chat about what your goals are as you age and how we can use the services available to you to achieve them.

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If you'd like to discuss potential services, please enter your details into the contact form and I'll be in touch.

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