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How To Find A Good Aged Care Facility

Choosing a Residential Aged Care facility for yourself or a loved on to live in can feel daunting, but knowing what to look out for can help make the process clearer.

1. A good starting point is knowing what your preferences are (e.g. location, meals, private bathrooms) and narrowing down sites based on your personalised check-list. If you don't know what facilities are available in your preferred area, Aged Care Guide ( can be a good starting point.

2. One of the best ways to experience a facility is to book a tour. Once you're at the facility pay attention to factors like:

  • Are there any strong smells?

  • Do the residents appear engaged and happy?

  • Can you observe sufficient staff?

  • What do the meals look like and do they have a choice of meal options?

  • What additional services does the site offer?

  • What is their activity program?

  • Do the staff say hello when you enter?

If you're still feeling overwhelmed with these options or don't have time to filter through facilities, it can be useful to utilise a private broker to assist with finding you suitable facilities. Navigate Aged Care provide assistance sourcing both respite and permanent accommodation options throughout South Australia.

In episode 33 of The Truth About Ageing podcast, I speak with the lovely Tamara who runs her own private practice specialising in aged care services and residential placement.

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