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How To Choose A Service Provider

Trying to find the best Home Care Provider that meets your individual needs can feel challenging. Five tips that I find helpful when comparing providers are to:

  1. Shortlist: make a shortlist of 3-5 Home Care Providers you may wish to interview

  2. Fees: find out what fees may be applicable to you. Do you need to pay an Income Tested Fee (ITF)? Do you need to pay a Basic Daily Fee?

  3. Management Charges: ask what's included in their management charges. Will you be assigned a single coordinator? Will they be available if your needs quickly change? How often will they review your care.and services?

  4. Service Costs: request an individualised budget with the services you require so that you can directly compare this against other providers

  5. Personal Questions: you may require staff who speak a specific language, you may want a provider who has a rainbow tick of approval for LGBTIQ communities, you may wish to only have female staff assist with personal grooming - now is the time to ask these important questions to potential providers and understand their stance.

For more details tune into episode 6 of The Truth About Ageing podcast which can be found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or through the 'Podcast' tab above.

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