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How To Access 'My Aged Care'

Getting set up for aged care services can feel overwhelming and confusing. If you feel like you need help accessing aged care services and you're not sure where to start I recommended listening in to episode 3 of The Truth About Ageing podcast where I break it down into five simple steps.

1. Conversation - ask your loved one/friend, 'how are you?', 'how are you coping with ageing?', 'what can I do to support you?', 'how would you like to be supported as you age?'

2. Plan - questions My Aged Care will ask:

  • Age - are you 65+? or if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islander, are you over 50?

  • What do you need help with? - think washing, dressing, medications, transport, cleaning, gardening, managing bills, preparing meals, food shopping? Write a list.

  • What current supports do you have? e.g. family that visit, neighbours that help, community buses

  • Recent events - any hospitalisations, falls, illnesses or new diagnoses or significant weight change

3. Cards - have your Medicare card ready

4. Buddy - a family member or friend that can be with you for support during the assessment

5. Be honest - as hard as it is, explain the things you're struggling with or what you don't feel as safe with anymore - this isn't saying you can't do it, it's identifying what may be challenging

If you're still feeling a little confused or would like some help, please send through an enquiry through my contact page and I'll be in touch to discuss how I can assist you to access aged care services.

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