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Carer Stress and Carer Burnout

Being the primary carer for a loved one can be an emotionally, mentally and physically exhausting task and also one of life's great privileges. It's important to know the signs and symptoms of carer stress and carer burnout so that we can avoid this and know when to ask for help.


Carer stress - anxiety, depression, irritability, feeling tired, poor sleep, health issues, difficulty concentrating, increased resentment, neglecting personal responsibilities, eating/drinking/smoking more

Carer burnout - less energy, regularly ill, constantly exhausted (even after rest), neglecting own needs, life revolves around caregiving, trouble relaxing, increasing impatience & irritability, feeling hopeless


  • Maintain personal relationships - stay connected with your own friendships & hobbies

  • Share your feelings - talk about what you're experiencing in your caring role

  • Pamper yourself - buy fresh flowers, take a hot bath, get a haircut

  • Exercise - even short periods of movement help alleviate stress

  • Relaxation techniques - meditation, yoga, journaling, breathing exercises etc

  • Sleep - listen to your body and aim for 8 hours sleep/night


  • Don't try do it alone - build your army of supports inc. friends, family and government funded services

  • Respite care - book yourself a break and even better, do it regularly

  • Spread the responsibility - divide caregiving tasks with others

  • Regular check-ins - set up a regular catch up with someone to debrief

  • Say 'yes' - accept when someone offers help, handover little pieces of care

For more information and to access help/learn more, head to:

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