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10 Warning Signs of Dementia

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Many ageing Australians fear getting dementia. Some will often worry that minor signs of confusion are a sign of early dementia e.g. forgetting the name of someone you just met. Understanding the difference between normal ageing and early signs of dementia can take away some of that stress.

Dementia Australia identify ten warning signs of dementia and suggest that if there are several you say 'yes' to, you should speak with your doctor and request a full assessment.

  1. Recent memory loss

  2. Difficulty performing familiar tasks

  3. Problems with language

  4. Disorientation of time and place

  5. Poor or decreased judgement

  6. Problems with abstract thinking

  7. Misplacing things

  8. Changes in mood or behaviour

  9. Changes in personality

  10. Loss of initiative

For more information on these warning signs, please head to or tune into episode 14 of The Truth About Ageing podcast - available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or through the Podcast page on this website.

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